Best m&p 15-22 review

m&p 15-22 review
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport Performance

m&p 15-22 review

Steel Challenge and Metal Madness action-rimfire rifle competition has developed quickly. In addition, While 22 LR ammunition is cheap to fire, rifles may be a different story. When one buys a suitable rifle, attaches it to a reflex sight, and collects the required magazines, the price tag may easily exceed $1,000 m&p 15-22 review.

Smith & Wesson’s newest addition to the famous M&P 15-22 Sport series.

The 22 LR rifle series provides an option.

The weapon

The M&P 15-22 Sport OR ($469, is the standard M&P 15-22 Sport with an electronic red/green dot sight fitted from the manufacturer.

The 15-22 is basically an AR-15 that has been modified.

Anyone with AR-15 knowledge will recognize the 22 LR with a blowback mechanism. The operating controls are identical: a bolt lock/release on the upper left of the mag well, a magazine release just above and forward of the trigger on the right side, a standard two-position safety behind the trigger on the left side, and the charging handle for the non-reciprocating bolt at the upper rear. this article related title to m&p 15-22 review.

The disassembly procedure is the same as the AR procedure. A rear receiver pin pulls out to “break” the rifle open, enabling the bolt to be removed, access to the internal action, and cleaning of the breached barrel. If required, a forward receiver pin enables the top unit to be fully separated from the bottom unit.

M&P 15-22 AR-15 Pistol

A 16.5-inch carbon-steel barrel with an A2 flash hider is standard on the gun. The M&P 10-inch Slim Handguard with Magpul M-Lok is used on the forearm (two-inch M-Lok rail panels are included). On top is a 16-inch Picatinny rail. The buttstock is a polymer stock with six adjustable positions and a polymer pistol grip. The total length may be extended to 33.8 inches, and the empty weight is 5.22 pounds.

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The trigger is likewise typical AR-15—a single stage weighing 7.1 pounds on my Lyman Digital Gauge. That may be heavier than some people like, but many of my club members compete with the 15-22 and tell me that AR-15 Mil-Spec aftermarket triggers function fine in the 15-22.

The M&P 15-22 Sport OR is available in three different SKUs for $469. SKU 12722, which comes with one 25-round magazine, was the one I tested. Additional magazines are available, and two magazines should be enough for any shooter to complete a 25-round Steel Challenge stage. The SKU 12723 (compliant) gun is the same as the SKU 12723 (compliant), except it comes with just one 10-round magazine. SKU 12724 (even more compliant) has one 10-round magazine but does not have the A2 flash hider. this article related title to m&p 15-22 review.

The M&P 100 sight is a one-piece tube dot sight with a variable-intensity dot of 4 MOA. It spans 4.75 inches front to back and has an integrated M1913 Picatinny rail mount that fits with the gun’s rail while providing infinite eye relief to enable it to be placed anywhere the shooter prefers on the rail. The bore/sight axis offset seems to be approximately 2.75 inches. It runs on a single CR1620 battery (included) and has flip-up lens covers.

A single rheostat switch controls on/off and brightness settings for the circular, 4-MOA dot, which may be lit in either red or green. Click it on from the off position, then spin the switch to change the brightness in red, or farther to modify it in green. Windage and elevation adjustments are 14 MOA positive click adjustments.

The Shooting Range

I took the pistol out of the box and broke it apart at the rear pin to remove the bolt. The pistol was reassembled after a little lubricant was added to the bolt and other apparent bearing areas. During this 500-round test, no lubrication or cleaning was required.

I chose a combination of normal velocity (1,070 fps subsonic) and high-speed loads that have proved to work for me in rifles and pistols as test loads. CCI Standard Velocity 40-grain lead solid, Aguila Target 40-grain lead solid, and CCI Clean-22 (blue, subsonic) polymer-coated 40-grain solid were used as subsonic loads. CCI Mini-Mag 40-grain plated solid, Aguila Super Extra 40-grain plated solid, and Federal’s 40-grain lead hollow-point Hunter Match were the high-speed loads.
I began by filling the mag with 25 rounds of CCI Standard. The big, ambidextrous follower buttons made it simple, and the magazine easily loaded to its 25-round capacity. The sights were then zeroed from a 25-yard benchrest. / m&p 15-22 review//

The flip-up lens covers smacked up on the brim of my ballcap, but they were easy to adjust right, left, or even down. I chose to treat them as lens caps, and they simply removed and reinstalled.

The first three rounds were approximately six inches high and four inches to the right. With more over half of the magazine remaining, the positive click modifications put it dead on.

Next, I put up many white cut-out targets to simulate Steel Challenge, and I fired a complete magazine of each load through the pistol while doing so. The 4-MOA dot was extremely bright and easy to locate, and the window was large enough for fast target changes. Although the red and green dots are the same size, I thought the green dot was a little larger and “brighter.” That may be because green is a more visible part of the color spectrum to the human eye, but being able to toggle between red and green was a great feature. //m&p 15-22 review.

That was made simple by the rheostat switch. There were no buttons to press; just spin the switch to choose the hue and brightness level, or to turn off the sight. That would undoubtedly expedite the “Load Make Ready” and “Unload Show Clear” processes. That design element appealed to me.

The accuracy exam came next. The AR-15 operating action has proved to be one of the most precise semi-automatic rifle actions on the market (likely due to the manner in which the bolt locks up with the chamber). The M&P did not let us down. Even with the hefty trigger, dialing down the red dot to half-power gave a very accurate aiming point, and the accompanying accuracy chart will demonstrate that this pistol is capable of much more competitive efforts than simply bursting steel plates.

After that, I went to my club for our regular mid-week practice session. I went through many phases before handing the pistol on to other shooters (all in the G or M RFRO Steel Challenge class). Several people shot the M&P 15-22 Sport, and the general opinion was that, apart from the trigger, the pistol is “pretty fine to go.” By this point, I’d shot over 500 rounds through the pistol with no cleaning or lubrication other than what I performed right out of the box. With any load, there have been no problems of any sort. m&p 15-22 review

The M&P 15-22 Sport has a solid track record, and these new model variants may make entrance into action-rimfire rifle competition more affordable. It can play a match right now.

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