Best Panzer arms bp-12 bullpup shotgun

Panzer arms bp-12
Panzer arms bp-12

With its unique design and use of large materials, BP12, which is manufactured in TURKEY, promises to provide a pleasant experience. BP12 by Panzer Arms of TURKEY, configuration significantly lowers overall length and weight while without compromising barrel length and velocity. It is small, compact, and simple to use while maintaining the same accuracy as long barrel rifles. It has a wide range of applications in tactical situations. The design enables for effective usage in close-quarters combat.

As Panzer Arms of TURKEY, we pledge to provide our clients with a pleasant experience while also ensuring their safety. We back up our statements with our manufacturer’s more than 20 years of expertise. Sometimes nostalgia taints your memories. Things I used to love remain fondly recalled, but I no longer have to cope with them.

My new six-speed automatic Jeep is much more dependable and easy to operate than my Dad’s old Jeep panel truck, but I still have great memories of the old jeep.

I was raised with double-barrel and pump-action shotguns. While they were and still are valuable, the Panzer Arms BP-12 Bullpup comes from a different era.

FEATURES of Panzer arms bp-12

FEATURES of Panzer arms bp-12
FEATURES of Panzer arms bp-12

The action is placed behind the trigger group in the design of a Bull Pup. The action is integrated into the buttstock, reducing overall length while yet supporting the same Full-Length Barrel as a traditional rifle or shotgun. Because of its reduced overall length, the Bull Pup allows for easier movement in confined spaces.

The Way It Shoots

When shooting the shotgun, your cheek is closer to the receiver than it is on conventional shotguns. The muzzle signature is more noticeable.

The Panzer Arms BP-12 shotgun is not difficult to operate, however these distinctions must be recognized. A person who knows how to use a shotgun effectively will find it to be a highly effective weapon.

Those who do not want to practice or learn should go for a simpler weapon. The main distinction between this shotgun and others is that the firing handle is located far forward of the action.

The trigger bar has some tangents, which means the trigger will never be as good as a standard-design shotgun’s trigger, but a crisp trigger is only found in a few shotgun designs.

It is not difficult to learn how to operate the bolt release and magazine release. Set up some time for dry-fire practice.

A few comments about the shotgun’s manufacturing quality: the fit, finish, and machining are all excellent. The hardware is well-fitting, and the finish is consistently even.

The shotgun comes with AR-15-style sights, two magazines that carry five 12-gauge rounds, and a cheek riser that allows optical sights to be used.

Remove the cheek riser if you’re using iron sights. To switch between normal and high-velocity ammunition, the shotgun comes with two adjustment rings that must be installed after partial disassembly.

Racking from either side is possible by reversing the cocking handle. The cocking handle will be on the left side of the receiver for most right-handed shooters.

The bolt handle provides plenty of leverage, making racking the bolt a breeze.

Two Cocking Handles; Fully Ambidextrous. Synthetic Fixed Stock, as well as a Solid Trigger Pistol Grip that is well-designed.

Notable Characteristics

This shotgun is a self-loader with a removable five-round box magazine. I have numerous shotguns that will not take any kind of light or optics attachment.

The BP-12 offers plenty of space for attaching lights or optics. The bullpup design was originally employed in rifles and became popular in shotguns only much later.

The receiver is positioned behind the shooter’s face, while the firing grip is positioned forward. This enables the use of a reasonably long barrel in a small compact.

The BP-12 does not point like a regular shotgun because the piece’s balance is significantly different from a standard-design shotgun. The natural point of a shotgun differs greatly from that of a bullpup.


PZRBP12G2BSB Panzer Arms: This excellent BP-12 Bullpup shotgun promises to provide a pleasant experience with its unique design and use of high-quality materials. The BP-12 Bullpup shotgun configuration significantly lowers overall length and weight while without compromising barrel length or velocity. It is a small, compact, and easy-to-handle shotgun with the same accuracy as its long-barreled cousins.

The shape of a Bullpup shotgun enables for effective usage at close quarters, which provides many advantages in tactical scenarios. A number of your favorite optics will also fit on the built-in handguard rail. This BP-12 is our best-selling bullpup platform shotgun and a very adaptable close-quarters or home defense weapon. Please keep in mind that this SKU is for the Gen 2 version. This Gen 2 features a more streamlined rail and is lighter and more agile than previous generations. This variant has two 5-round magazines, flip-up sights, an angled foregrip, and choke tubes.

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