Best sylvan arms folding stock adapter Review

sylvan arms folding stock adapter
sylvan arms folding stock adapter

The Sylvan Arms folding hinge stock adapter enables you to fold your stock and substantially shorten the length of your rifle for easier stowage and travel. It features a standard 1-3/16-16 TPI thread and does not need any extra components to be utilized with normal BC groups.

It is specifically intended for gas piston and direct impingement systems 5.56 to 308 systems, as well as 223 compatible. It is CNC machined in the United States using 7075 billet aluminum, which makes it very lightweight and corrosion resistant. This assembly is just 6 oz. in weight. There are no special tools needed; just a normal armorer’s wrench. It is not necessary to dismantle the product in order to install it on your rifle/pistol. Simply screw it on, fold it up, and carry it.

sylvan arms folding stock adapter Features:

  • Fits all platforms from 223/5.56 through 308 and 9mm with Sylvan Arms 9mm bolt modification with a 5/8 inch ID (0.625) bolt carrier of normal size
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is provided.

The third generation of sylvan arms folding stock adapter’ AR-15 hinged folding stock adapters has been released. According to the firm, the major changes between the Gen3 adapter and the previous version are a lower hinge and a stronger, more robust construction. Let’s take a closer look at this.

arms folding stock adapter
arms folding stock adapter

The sylvan arms folding stock adapter enables you to fold the stock on your AR type rifle for easier storage and transport. To fold the stock, push the button on the adapter’s side, and to unfold it, just flip it back since it is not locked in the folded state. You can’t fire the rifle with the stock folded, as the adaptor warns, since the recoil spring system in AR-15 rifles is within the receiver extension, and the BCG reciprocates inside the buffer tube. So, before you fire, you’ll need to unfold the stock.

I’m wondering whether it’s feasible to build such adapters with a built-in mechanism that prevents the pistol from inadvertently firing when the stock is folded or not fully unfolded… Perhaps the hinged portion could also take the BCG out of the battery? What are your thoughts?
The sylvan arms folding stock adapter is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and anodized in black hard coat. It is compatible with common AR-15/AR-10 type receivers and buffer tubes with a thread pitch of 1-3/16”x16.

To install it, first screw the adapter into the AR-15 receiver and tighten it down with the supplied castle nut. The buffer tube should then be screwed into the adapter’s hinging portion and secured with a normal castle nut. When the stock is folded, a buffer retention pin incorporated within the hinge captures the buffer and recoil spring. At the back of the adapter, there is also a QD sling swivel socket.

Because of its 1.3′′ length, the adapter creates a gap between the bolt carrier and the buffer, as seen in the picture above. To bridge this gap, the adapter includes a bolt extension piston (see below) that is placed into the bolt carrier tail. The disadvantage is that you will wind up with a longer stock/buffer tube. That’s the cost of having a folding stock on your AR, and I don’t believe it’s a big deal if you use an adjustable stock.

The adapter weights 6 oz, while the bolt extender weighs 2.2 oz. That 2.2 oz is added to the mass of your BCG, which is something to keep in mind if you are tweaking the system to operate with a particular load or components combination.

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